Local NHS services

What you local NHS can achieve!

Being in the city or in the rural areas of the UK means you may have difficulty accessing your doctor at times that suit, there is a new NHS initiative called 111.  This is a service that you can call anytime of the day 7 days a week and offers you the ability to talk to an NHS trained member of staff and analyse weather your symptoms may need a doctor or hospital visit or you can go to the chemist and get an over the counter remedy.  Since its launch in March 2013 the NHS 111 service has reached millions of callers and has not been without its criticism.  There have been more recent upgrades to the service which has enabled them to move forward from the errors that where happening.  Since this time the service has helped lift waiting times from the 999 phone service that is offered and reportedly out of hour doctors surgeries have had a positive effect on appointment availability and surgery waiting times. ALl this with a positive association with the 111 number it seems the NHS have made this into a positive for the general public.